Warnham youngsters’ magic lantern show - January 1914

World War I daily bulletin from the Horsham district
World War I daily bulletin from the Horsham district

Warnham ‘juveniles’ are treated tea and then a bun and an orange as we discover from this 1914 report.

“Warnham: On Friday afternoon the juveniles of the village had a splendid time at the Village Hall.

“Following a substantial tea, in connection with which a number of ladies readily assisted, Mr W.H. Gentle, of Horsham, gave a diverting magic lantern entertainment, and was heartily cheered at the call of the Vicar (Rev. Preb. R. Bowcott) and Miss Lee Steete, each child receiving one or two presents, according to whether they were day or Sunday School scholars, or both.

“On leaving each child received the proverbial bun and orange.”

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