Horsham policeman’s plucky action - January 1914

World War I daily bulletin from the Horsham district
World War I daily bulletin from the Horsham district

Just before 10 o’clock on Monday morning the prompt and plucky action of Police-Constable Flack, whilst on duty at the King’s Head Corner [Horsham], averted a serious accident and evoked commendation on the part of the eye-witnesses.

The Kings Head Hotel ‘bus was standing outside the East Street entrance and whilst the driver was on top removing luggage the horse took fright and dashed off towards Middle Street.

At the corner P.C. Flack sprang at the affrighted animal’s head and hung on desperately to check the runaway.

He was carried some way in Middle Street but succeeded in effecting his object, though much shaken.

This is the latest in our daily news reports from the County Times of 1914 as we build up to commemorate the start of the first world war.

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