Airship over Horsham - July 1914

The Astra Torres airship
The Astra Torres airship

Unlike today, the skies over Horsham would have been empty 100 years ago so seeing this sight would have been amazing.

However, a bit of guesswork by the reporter on why it was flying so low.

“There was no little excitement on Saturday afternoon when the airship ‘Astra Torres’, on the way from Kingsworth, (near Sherness) to Spithead for the review, passed over the town.

“It was flying very low, so low as to give the impression that it was in difficulties, which may have been the case, as there was a stiffish breeze at the time...

“The Astra Torres (No. 5) is Britain’s largest airship.”

This is the latest in our daily news reports from the 1914 West Sussex County Times.

We started these on New Year’s Day as part of our commemoration of 100 years of the start of the First World War.