40 years ago

FROM the West Sussex County Times of Friday, August 13, 1971.

MEMBERS of Horsham’s Shelter Committee and the Horsham Society are to meet local council officers next month to start talks on the town’s worsening housing problems.

One of Shelter’s members, Deirdre Faccenda, will be providing figures on housing needs based on her work as a principal of Horsham Accommodation Agency.

She told a reporter that families with children were having an almost impossible task in finding homes because the present Rent Act deterred landlords from renting to such people.

Shelter has agreed to tackle a survey of the problem, and is in touch with its head office at the moment on how they are going to do this.

At the same time the Horsham Society are doing what they describe as a ‘strategic study of the development of Horsham, including housing’. The two organisations will meet in September with council officials for what is the first attempt to get the problem out in the open.

Mrs Faccenda said that the accommodation shortage also affected single people. Recently she interviewed four men with jobs locally who were desperate even for lodgings for the night.

HORSHAM Society is backing Horsham Rural Council in its opposition to the West Sussex County Council suggestion that part of the post-1975 expansion of Crawley should take place on the Horsham side of the new town.

In a letter sent to the county council’s planning officer, G.E. Burrows, the society’s honorary secretary, J.B. French writes: “The committee considers it most regrettable that the county council should advocate further encroachment into this already vulnerable gap between the two towns.

“The Horsham Society has always been opposed to any reduction of the ‘Green Belt’ between Horsham and Crawley.

“We cannot feel that it is to the advantage of either town, in the long run, that the open country between them should be diminished in any way.”

TWO OF Steyning’s best-loved residents have a full-page picture of themselves in this week’s Radio Times – in colour.

Opposite the characteristic, characterful portrait of Elsie Waters and Doris Waters is another full page devoted to a summary of their careers, with one picture of Miss Doris (soprano) at the piano and Miss Elsie (contralto) on the violin and the other (of course) showing them in their roles as the beloved ‘Gert and Daisy’.

‘Gert and Daisy’ are the subject of a 45-minute radio portrait on Radio 4 in the series ‘The Entertainers’.

As well as speaking of their past fame as radio and stage personalities, the Radio Times article issues the familiar ‘G&D’ denial that because they have moved from their cottage in Steyning to a newer bungalow with a smaller garden they have retired.

It proves the point by revealing that as well as playing short music hall seasons at Windsor and Greenwich this year, they are planning to take their show, ‘The Golden Years of Music Hall’, in which they starred at Eastbourne last year, on a New Year tour of Rhodesia and South Africa.