40 years ago

FROM the West Sussex County Times of Friday, May 14, 1971.

ON MONDAY Horsham will again be in the centre of another major development. Monday is Code-Day. From that day every household and business in the Horsham district will have a postcode.

By Monday each address in the district will have received a note of its new code, and a request from the GPO that it should be used as an addition to the normal address. Each code will begin with the letters RH.

That stands for Redhill – the coding centre which handles all correspondence for the area, which extends from Redhill in the north to Burgess Hill in the south and from Billingshurst in the west to Oxted and Forest Row in the east.

The postcode has letters and figures in two parts. The first part represents the town or area, in which you live, the second, the street, or in some cases, the actual building.

For instance, the code for Horsham Post Office, Mr C.G. Botterill, head postmaster of Crawley, explained, will be RH12 1EA. By the middle of next year all 18 million addresses in Britain will have postcodes. So Horsham has come in half-way on the list.

Areas have not changed, said Mr Botterill, only the systems used. Most large sorting offices, such as Redhill, already had machines which separate 1st and 2nd class mail by reading phosphorescent dots on stamps.

“A postal code on every letter will enable easy sorting without deciphering bad handwriting.”

BLACK Horse Way car park, Horsham, which was to have been closed this month to make way for the building on the same site of the planned multi-storey car park, will now remain open to the public until some time in July.

An exact time for the building work to start has still to be determined.

Bishopric car park was to have closed last week, but will remain in use until this weekend at least.

It will then be closed to prepare for the laying of the first stage of the town centre surface water sewer. This will be laid along the Bishopric and down to the Arun.

The Bishopric car park will be used as a contractor’s yard in connection with the surface water sewer-laying scheme.

The highways and works committee of Horsham Urban Council has been busy planning the closing of existing car parks and the opening of new and temporary car parks to take their place.

Albion Terrace car park will have a total of 188 spaces, including the 96 already existing in the present London Road car park and 28 which are reserved as contract spaces.

PULBOROUGH Parish Council accepted proposals at its recent meeting which will mean 28 amber street lamps being installed to the north, south, east and west of Swan Corner junction by next winter.

Mr Cameron, of West Sussex County Council, addressed a parish council street lighting sub-committee immediately prior to the council meeting to outline the proposals for highway lighting on the A283 and A29 affecting Swan Corner.

He said the proposals had been worked out on an accident basis which merited the provision of these lamps.

The county council had proposed the improvement of functional roads within the Chanctonbury rural district.

The rural council had submitted to local parish councils a map outlining the proposals.

After a special meeting called by Storrington, Pulborough Parish Council decided the proposals would filter an increasing volume of traffic through Pulborough.

The parish council felt this fact increased the strength of its request to the county council that the junction at Swan Corner should further be improved by structural alteration.