30 years ago

FROM the West Sussex County Times of Friday, November 27, 1981.

A FIVE year dream to ‘twin’ Horsham with a French town is to become a reality, despite lack of support by the district council.

A public meeting held at the Town Hall on Wednesday night voted unanimously for Horsham to take up an offer of twinning with the French town of St Maixent.

This is the town Horsham Rugby Club has forged links with over the last ten years. During that time around 500 people from the town have visited St Maixent.

The meeting was organised by Roffey councillor John Taylor, who has fought almost single-handed to get Horsham twinned for several years.

He told the meeting: “After joining the Common Market I think the advantages of twinning are many.”

Horsham Rugby Club said that St Maixent were keen to twin with Horsham. The town was similar in size to Horsham and had a selection of industries, schools, churches and clubs.

David Smith, of the rugby club said that they had already got a firm link with St Maixent. “The link is there to build on,” he said. “We are not suggesting this to benefit the rugby club, but Horsham as a whole.”

PLANS to make changes at Christ’s Hospital School near Horsham to make way for girls in 1985 have been lodged with Horsham District Council.

These make it clear that there will not be any new buildings of a major character.

The girls to be moved from Christ’s Hospital Foundation School for girls at Hertford will be accomplished in a changed Coleridge House.

The school governors have submitted plans to the district council providing for alterations which would: make Coleridge House suitable for use by female pupils; provide increased staff accommodation with new stores and a new access; and provide a new reading room in Courtyard.

There are at present 1,100 boys at Horsham and 200 girls in residence at Hertford. When they amalgamate the number of boys will be reduced to 850 to allow for 200 girls being accommodated at Christ’s Hospital.

AFTER ten years of waiting and hoping, Horsham people can at last swim in their own heated pool.

The Park Swimming Centre, on the site of the original outdoor pool, opened its doors to the public for the first time on Saturday, November 21.

It was a proud moment for Evelyn Mauchel, the chairman of the council’s recreation and environment committee, who has seen the project through to its completion, when she cut the tape and declared the pool officially open.

Within seconds, the crowd of children who had been waiting outside gave the centre’s new doors their first battering as they rushed through in an effort to be the first to use the pool. But the honour of christening it (by total immersion of course) went to two people who were the first to take the plunge 47 years ago at the opening of the old pool.

Jack Sturt and Inez Waters both live in Horsham and have been keen swimmers all their lives.