19th century postie and Mum Potts’ ice cream

This week’s collection of pictures were all published in the County Times in 1975 and 1976 – but were taken many, many years earlier.

Humpty Dumpty and Daleks joined the fun in 1979

If there’s one thing 50-odd years of television has taught us it’s that, when faced with a Dalek, the sensible options are to either run away or hide.

Remains of a typical operational base in dense woodland

Sussex’s secret resistance during the Second World War

Until the early 1990s, few people were aware of the Second World War Home Guard auxiliary units and even fewer were aware of their real purpose.

A former Worthing Motor Services bus from 1914, one of the vehicles used for rides at Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre today

Museum looks forward to a season of celebration for 40th year

Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre is preparing for a season of celebration to mark its 40th year.

Whats on
The Great Pilgrimage for Womens Suffrage at Cuckfield in 1913. Picture courtesy of Cuckfield Museum

Votes for women! Not everyone approved...

Cuckfield’s link with the long battle for women’s suffrage was certainly a strong one.

Front pages

5 reasons to buy your West Sussex County Times

On sale today (Thursday March 1) we look at five highlights from this weeks edition of the West Sussex County Times

First flag day

Revealed - Horsham’s centre of historic Suffragette revolution

As we celebrate 100 years of women getting the vote, Jeremy Knight, Horsham District Council heritage officer, looks at the role local women played in the suffragette movement.


Gallery: Nostalgia photos of Horsham town centre

Clearing out some old files in the County Times office, we discovered a few photos taken over the past 20-30 years.


Gallery: New exhibition looks at working life in Horsham

You wouldn’t expect to meet someone called Joan Scientist, Frederick Typewriter, or Pete Bricklayer, yet surnames such as Fletcher, Cook and Butcher seem perfectly normal.

Lawnmower racing!

Time for lawnmower racing, ducks and sunflowers in 1985

We're stepping back in time to 1985 and some of the weird and wonderful things that went on in West Sussex.

Arundel Walking Tours has gone from strength to strength, adapting for the benefit of guests and offering a variety of ways to discover the history of the town

History brought to life with turn-up-and-go tours

Postman Martin Alderton has turned his love for Arundel into a thriving business.

Whats on
Jimi Hendrix performed at the Starlight Ballroom, Crawley, on October 15 1967

Remember when Jimi Hendrix played Crawley?

Every once in a while, the archives offer up a truly amazing picture - and this one's a cracker.

Christmas at Itchingfield Primary School in 1988

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...1988

We’ve hit December, so the vault of old Christmas photos has been unlocked and given its annual airing.

7th Horsham Guides and Brownies

Plenty of fun, frivolity and jollity in 1982

These pictures were published in the County Times in 1982 and show some of the things the area’s fun-loving folk got up to when they weren’t at work or at school.

Young Colin in uniform

A Bible signed by King George VI and singing at the Queen’s wedding

Colin Whitehead has had an amazing life.

Billingshurst Beavers FC

1974: The year of Land Girls, fundraising and a lot of sport

Ah 1974! It was the year that brought us Abba, Bagpuss and The Godfather Part II , and saw Manchester United relegated from the First Division.


Festival fun in 1986 – and headlines from 1956

The Horsham Festival of 1986 was certainly a resounding success.

This car came to the end of the road when its garage collapsed

Remembering the ill wind that blew no good in 1987

It was a bit blowy in the early evening of October 15 1987 but few realised exactly how severe the oncoming storm would be.
Young campaigners were up in arms after developers moved in to demolish woods at North Heath Copse in 1996

1996: Sports success, protests, maypoles and a very old well

Anyone driving along Pondtail Road in May 1996 may have found themselves face to face with a bunch of very young protesters.
Hilda Craven

Dodging bombs and falling suitcases – welcome to the WRENs

Last week, 96-year-old Hilda Craven described her time growing up in Lower Beeding. This week we pick up her story in March 1942, after she was called up to the Royal Naval College Greenwich.

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