Most successful year so far!

Staff at Hamptons International, Haywards Heath
Staff at Hamptons International, Haywards Heath

Hamptons International’s Haywards Heath office has reported its most successful year so far!

The Manager, William Pasquali says “We are fortunate to be working in such a beautiful and increasingly popular part of Sussex with such a diverse range of properties ranging from characterful high street cottages to country estates appealing to all demographics of buyers.

“We have built up a very successful team with an extensive range of local experience which has enabled us to provide the very best service to our clients and buyers alike, whilst successfully growing our market share.

“This experienced team has proven to be critical in a market where service and results are what we are all judged on. Over the past few months we have seen a notable upturn in buyers registering with us and are still seeing a great number of buyers moving from London, taking advantage of excellent road and rail links, exceptional private and state schools, stunning countryside and major regeneration to the station area including a new Waitrose. Many of these buyers that come to us from the fast moving London market and specifically via our 29 strong network of London offices, giving us a great number of potential buyers to present our clients properties to.

“Tellingly, we have experienced more situations of competitive interest, including several properties taken on from competitors over the past few weeks, than at any other time this year. Needless to say, our clients have been both pleasantly surprised at the success for the time of year and delighted in the way we have managed to market their homes to such a wide audience and produced multiple buyers for them.”

If you are considering moving now or perhaps early next year, do give us a call or come in to the office to 
discuss with myself or any member of the team. There is certainly a good deal of this year left and we have many buyers still searching for their next home.