How to manage a property

ANYONE who is letting a property will understand the importance of good property management. Covering everything from lost front door keys to broken boilers, properties need looking after. If it’s your main home you arrange to sort things out at your convenience.

For a tenant, things are less straightforward - unless of course their landlord has chosen to use a professional managing agent. The property manager then becomes the main point of contact for the tenant from the day they get the keys.

At Henry Adams, Horsham, property manager Martin Roffey talks through any issues raised by tenants and if necessary will speak to the landlord and arrange for works to be carried out. “We’ve established good relationships with reputable local contractors who don’t have minimum charges as many of the issues just need simple fixes,” says Martin.

Lesley Humphrey is property manager at Henry Adams Storrington. With 17 years of experience, Lesley knows a thing or two about managing properties of every size and description.

“We also go beyond resolving minor maintenance issues,” says Lesley. “As so many of our landlords are abroad we report general maintenance such as outside redecoration which is something that wouldn’t otherwise come to light until it becomes very costly.”

The overseas landlord of one of the properties Lesley has been managing since she started in this business had asked Henry Adams to oversee the refurbishment of his property. “I’ve only met the client once but we have built a relationship on trust over many years,” says Lesley. “We even managed the installation of his new kitchen!”

A meticulous inventory is essential to avoid problems escalating down the line. Henry Adams operate a combination of in-house and outsourced inventories for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Lesley compiles inventories in-house at Storrington and checks the details with the tenant upon moving in, and again when checking out. “It keeps everything clear and gives confidence to the tenants that they won’t be liable for an existing scratch on the skirting board as well as protecting the landlord if there are disputes later on,” says Lesley.

A property manager will also inspect the tenanted property on a regular basis to ensure the tenant has settled in and that they are taking care of the property, details which will be advised to the landlord for peace of mind or for action.

Having locally based property managers, well-versed in the local property market and operating in close conjunction with lettings teams, has ensured Henry Adams provide a professional, knowledgeable service.

“It’s reassuring for people to know that the person on the end of the phone knows the property and has met both the tenant and landlord,” says Richard Town, lettings manager. “Building these long term relationships also builds trust.” It’s still vital to have a meticulous inventory though!

For further information contact Richard Town at Henry Adams on 01403 282500 or