£3million Huf Haus mansion could be yours for £25

The owners of a £3million mansion have decided to raffle it off after previous sales fell through.

Monday, 23rd April 2018, 11:55 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:57 am
Avon Place near Ringwood

There are a total of 250,000 tickets on sale at £25 each and to be entered into the ballot hopeful winners have to answer a multiple choice question correctly.

Avon Place owners Mark and Sharon Beresford decided to put the house up for raffle after successive sales fell through principally due to stamp duty rates.

Mark said: “We had the idea last summer and spent several months researching what would be required and taking specialist legal advice from a top London Law firm.

“We decided that unless market conditions improved significantly, and we don’t think they will, we should look at new ideas and being aware some other people had tried this successfully so thought ‘let’s open up the chance of owning this home to everyone and not just those with £3million to spend for the price of a takeaway or cinema for two’.”

The couple bought the plot located near Ringwood, Hampshire in 2000 and decided to use German company Huf Haus that manufactures prefabricated houses to create their new home.

Mark explained: “Huf were selected after proving themselves following several trips to Germany and watching two houses assembled in the UK.

“The open plan design allows the glorious views to be enjoyed from the principal reception rooms.

“We were very impressed by how the design works so well to capture heat through the glass by thermal gain, then as the sun rises, the large overhangs provide screening from the sun to prevent overheating.

“Huf houses are very energy efficient and the design of the house itself on the top of the hill here uses many of the architectural features to manage the conditions and create a very comfortable living environment.”

Running costs of the property are estimated at £700 a month and includes rates, electricity, gas, water, sewerage, and annual servicing.

Avon Place boasts outstanding views with river frontage, sitting 50 feet above the river on the edge of the escarpment and has its very own cinema.

It isn’t just the six bedroom house the lucky winner will get but all fitted furniture is included in the prize, including: all kitchen appliances, fully fitted cinema with screen, sound system, six reclining red leather chairs and fitted carpets, curtains, and blinds.

Stamp duty will be paid for by the owners, as will solicitors’ costs of up to £1,500 including VAT.

Mark added: “It is a genuine one time chance, when it’s gone there won’t be another house like this.”

If fewer than 130,000 tickets sell, a cash prize of 75 per cent of the earnings will be awarded instead and of course if you don’t win you lose your £25.

The raffle runs until July 31 and the draw will take place within seven days of the closing date and the winner will be notified shortly afterwards.

For full details and to enter the draw visit winamegahome.co.uk