Ghostly tale from Steve

So when was the last time clairaudient medium Steve Holbrook was scared?

Steve, who offers himself as a link between this world and the next, admits he has to think. Fear clearly doesn’t come into it for him.

“But, no, I’ll tell you, it was when my friend Paul renovated a house, a barn that he moved into,” recalls Steve who will be bringing an evening of mediumship and clairvoyance to the Hilton Avisford Park, Arundel, on Monday, August 22 at 7.30pm.

“He had finished it all and had been living there comfortably for seven or eight months and then he saw an old man. It scared him stiff. The outline of an old man. When one of his friends saw it as well, I said to myself that I had better go down there.

“I came down and I sat there. I could see absolutely nothing.”

And then he saw it, a silhouette walking along the wall, disappearing behind the chimney and then emerging the other side - before grabbing hold of Steve’s leg.

“I am not usually scared. I really am not. But this was a proper grip. I thought what am I going to do here. My heart was going, absolutely racing. I had to compose myself. I said ‘What do you want?’ He said that my friend Paul had got to change his lifestyle.

“I said to Paul ‘This gentleman is not going to harm you, but you have absolutely got to change your life.’ He was the owner of a nightclub in Leeds. He knew his life couldn’t carry on like that, getting in at three in the morning, sleeping all day, drinking. It was a successful club, but he couldn’t carry on that way.

“But he didn’t heed the warning. Three months later, he died of an overdose in that same house. That was seven and a half years ago now.”

Ghosts don’t usually turn up for idle purposes, Steve says. There is usually a reason, perhaps the anniversary of their death or, as in this case, to issue a warning - one sadly not taken.

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