Friendship, love and loss

A play about friendship, love and loss is the challenge for Horsham Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society when they bring Steel Magnolias to the stage at the Capitol.

Directed by Stacey Fox and assisted by Roz Hall, HAODs are promising an all-local, all-acting, all-absolutely-fabulous cast who cannot wait for you to join them in their performance of the 1989 film classic.

Stacey, previous director of Love Begins At 40, said: “People should come to see Steel Magnolias not only because of the exceptional talent of the cast, but because the stories within the play encourage us to look at our own priorities, reminding us that friends, family and health are the only things that matter in life!

“Join six witty, eccentric and heart-warming characters as they gossip, live, learn and laugh through the trials and triumphs of life. Steel Magnolias provokes thought and emotion by portraying human strength and fragility.”

Stacey added: “The action takes place in Truvy’s beauty salon where anyone who is anyone goes to get their hair done. Experience heart break and humour in this snap shot of Southern American life. The play comes to a dramatic climax when tragedy battles comedy leading to a spine tingling conclusion.

“Starring Tess Kennedy, Rachael Down, Lin Roworth Stokes, Sheryl Hill, Alison Shapley and Gill Sutton, this perfectly poignant play balances the highs of village-life with the sobering reality of diabetes.”

The production will be running from June 8 to 11, and all tickets cost £12 each. Tickets on 01403 750220 or will be opportunities to donate to DiabetesUk on each performance night. For more information on the charity visit: