Erotic comedy-thriller at Worthing

Nick Ricketts and Peter Amory.
Nick Ricketts and Peter Amory.
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Now here’s a play that seems to have most bases covered. Haunted is being promoted as a psychological, supernatural and erotic comedy-thriller.”

Its star Peter Amory, who played Emmerdale bad boy Chris Tate, reckons that just about sums it up.

“It’s actually the best way of describing it,” says Peter who tours with the production to Worthing’s Connaught Theatre from Tuesday, May 15-Saturday, May 19.

“It’s an equal mix of all those things, and it’s quite erotic, but the erotic bits involve comedy. It’s quite difficult to talk about it really without giving too much away. One of the first reveals is actually a key moment in the play...

“But basically, there is a guy called Paul who has just been cleared of murder. Some people turn up wanting to prove that he has actually murdered. It’s the way they go about it. He has been having an affair and his wife turns up in his girlfriend’s house. But is it his wife or it is not?

“It’s great fun. It has been well received, and it is great to do something totally new. The writer (Ron Aldridge) has been in a few times. We had to adjust a few little bits that we did in rehearsal.

“Writers are a different breed. It’s like actors, musicians, writers – they are all completely different people. It was quite nerve-racking to have the writer about. Writers mouth the words. They know the words so well. It’s quite intimidating.

“And then you end up arguing with the director about whether the writer is right or not. You always have to go with the writer eventually!

“But this one is difficult to talk about. I asked Ron at the read-through how I should describe the play when I am doing an interview, and he said he didn’t know either. It is easy because of the title to think of it as a ghost story but it is a lot more than just that...”