Donna set to delight Brighton

Donna Fullman. Photo: Peter Williams.
Donna Fullman. Photo: Peter Williams.

Donna Fullman has emerged with her debut album nearly a year after starting recording.

The Brighton-based indie-folk singer-songwriter admits she feels she rushed her first EP.

“We started recording last spring time,” says Donna, “but I felt that with this, it needed the time and it needed the attention. It’s about the detail and creating the atmosphere and creating a story within the album.

“I felt very passionately about Inner World being a collection of songs that really said something about my inner world and what inspired me. It’s about getting a response. It’s that connection that you want with the audience.

“I wanted the whole thing to feel very organic and really reflect the feel of the songs which are light and airy.

“I went into the studio with lots of idea and bits and pieces, but the songs knew what they wanted to be. It was more a case of taking stuff away to capture their essence. For me, it is really about the purity of the songs.”

For the album, Donna brought in bass, additional guitars, violin and cello and even a choir on the last track.

“I think it is still somewhere in the folk genre. People would not be disappointed if they picked it up in the folk genre, but it is also alternative in the fact that there are some surprises in there. There is piano in there and some keyboards, so it does expand out. I think of it as indie-folk really.”

Upcoming gigs include a headline show on Wednesday, June 20, at The Albert, Brighton, with support from Dylan Walshe and Conrad Vingoe;

8-11pm; £7;

More details The album is available throught the website.