Capturing Horsham’s youth

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Charlotte Harding talks to a Horsham photographer about his latest project.

Photographer Greg Turner admits that he has always been fascinated by people.

“Our experiences as people is something that really interests me,” he reveals.

“I can’t draw or paint and I don’t have the talent to write but the camera allows me to capture those moments and the people that fascinate me.”

His passion for capturing real people came through studying a film degree.

“One of the films I loved was The Bicycle Thieves,” he says.

“After the war in Europe there were no real studios so people who wanted to make films would just go out in the street and film the best they could. I wanted to recreate that feeling.”

Greg’s latest project will go on display at Horsham Museum this month.

“Transitions came about for two reasons one of my oldest friends, who I have known since I was 14, came out as transgender so I was initially interested in that kind of transition but I didn’t feel confident enough tackling it,” explains Greg.

“So I thought back to my childhood and my experience at primary school which really had an impact on me.

“Because of this at senior school I don’t feel I took advantage of the opportunities that came up and wanted to look at that transition from teenager to adult.”

He started the project in August 2016 and the photographs show young adults, aged between 16 to 24, many of which Greg met at Horsham skate park.

“It took a while to build up trust of those that were there,” says Greg.

“What I found was a real sense of community, there were people there who didn’t BMX, skate or ride a scooter but they found a place of belonging.

“The couple I photographed the woman had a maternal instinct for many of them there and I saw her mediate situations and offer support to the younger people there.

“I am stepping away a bit from it now, but I would like to revisit it and photograph them as they grow up and thanks to the skate park I have that base that they will come back to.

“Teenagers are portrayed in a particular way but if you take the time to actually talk to them you may be surprised.”

There will be 16 pieces on show at Horsham Museum and gallery.

Transitions: Photography by Greg Turner will be at Horsham Museum and gallery from July 8 until September 23. For more information, visit

To view the full collection of pictures from the project, you can visit Greg’s website -

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