Blowing raspberries at mystics

Mentalist Peter Campbell-Wells will be blowing raspberries at mystics and sceptics for the Brighton Fringe Festival.

His mind-reading show Psychic? will play at the Temple Pub every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night during the Brighton Festival Fringe (May 7, 12-14, 19-21, 26-28, 9pm).

A spokesman said: “Mind-reading and clairvoyance is absurd, and Pete’s show revels in the daftness of it all. Classic feats of psychic prowess are sent on idiotic tangents with Pete’s irreverent spin and utter disregard for tradition.

“Remote-viewing, thought-reading and fortune-telling methods are crudely exploited for the simple and vulgar aims of raising a giggle.

“Pete’s disregard for the sensibilities of others doesn’t stop at the new-age believers, however. He’s equally happy to poke fun at the new generation of evangelical sceptics, who seem bent of asserting their righteousness while sapping the fun and mystery from anything remotely odd. Just for them, he proudly wears the label of Psychic!

‘Psychic? is bold, energetic, fun, possibly irresponsible and thoroughly interactive. It’s also a free show, and part of the Laughing Horse’s ever expanding Brighton Fringe programme!

Peter is a professional mentalist and magician, based in Hassocks and has become a regular at the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. 2011 will see his third new one-man show at the Brighton Fringe. Pete is also a member of the Magic Circle, International Brotherhood of Magicians and Psycrets (British Society of Mystery Entertainers).