BBC bringing history to life at Arundel Castle

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ARUNDEL Castle is set to be full of canons and gunfire as it becomes the backdrop for one of the turning points in British history.

Today (November 28) and Tuesday (November 29) the BBC is descending on the castle to film for its Cultural Olympiad series.

However, castle manager Bryan McDonald is reassuring people not to panic.

“Our message to friends and neighbours is ‘don’t be alarmed’, everything is fine,” said Mr McDonald, “We are not going up in flames, coming under attack or marking Bonfire Night a month late. It’s all part of the epic production which will be shown on BBC television next year.”

The BBC promises pyrotechnics as part of the special effects planned for the filming which could reverberate around the town.

The castle is currently closed to visitors for the winter but opens again at Easter with a packed programme.