All in the mind as Doug provides two shows

Psychological entertainer Doug Segal presents a double-bill of his two most recent stage shows when he visits Worthing’s Connaught Theatre with a combination of comedy and apparent feats of mind-reading and mind-control on June 21.

The two shows which Doug combines in Worthing are his most recent, I Can Make You a Mentalist, and How to Read Minds and Influence People which led to him being crowned 2012 winner of both the Edinburgh Fringe ThreeWeeks Editors’ Award and The Latest’s Festival Award for Best Cabaret Act.

How to Read Minds and Influence People begins the evening of comedy mind-reading during which Doug teaches the audience how to detect lies and implant suggestions before ensuring everyone goes home with the ability to do a mind-trick.

They will also witness a random audience member reading the minds of the rest of the audience live on stage.

I Can Make You a Mentalist continues on from the first half of the show, with the use of his Brainmatiser 3000 which enables a member of the audience to do all the mind-reading in the show, with Doug simply acting as guide.

Interwoven into the narrative thread of the show are comedy sketches, both live and live interaction pieces with pre-recorded video, which have been co-written with Guy Kelly from The Beta Males and James Hamilton of Casual Violence. Doug also promises psychical and prop-based comedy, animation, live music, angry American Police Chiefs, a mad scientist, a Buddhist monk and a goat.

Doug uses and shares techniques taken from his background in psychology and advertising, combining persuasion techniques, statistics and reading body language with subliminal influence as well as the two key skills he says he learned from advertising - cheating and lying.

Box office: 01903 206206 or online at