West Sussex village returns to laws of 15th Century as it ‘declares itself an independent state’

The Kingdom of Loxwood has responded to the current political shambles by declaring its independence from the United Kingdom and announcing an immediate return to the laws of the 15th century.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 9:39 am

Loxwood’s Queen Katheryn Adelina I decided that enough was enough, and if the UK’s politicians weren’t going to sort things out then The Kingdom of Loxwood would have to go it alone.

Addressing the people of the realm, Queen Katheryn Adelina said: “Due to the political turmoil that is unfolding around us, we can no longer occupy the space between the past and the present. We must progress. We must move forward.”

The Kingdom of Loxwood has taken the following necessary steps to declare itself an independent nation, satisfying the rules of the Montevideo Convention (1933): 

The Kingdom of Loxwood declares independence from the UK

Declared its intentions to its people through public address by Queen Katheryn Adelina 1

Has its own government and permanent population 

Secured its own currency – The Loxwood Groat

Recruited its own army

Queen Katheryn Adelina 1

This means that the Kingdom of Loxwood has legitimate grounds to apply for independence from the United Kingdom. 

The only remaining steps are for it to be recognised by existing states within the international community, and possibly to join the United Nations.

As an independent state with the ability to create and pass its own laws, signage has been placed overnight on the new Kingdom’s boundaries, reminding the public that from now on 15th Century laws will apply. 

To celebrate the first year anniversary upon Queen Katheryn Adelina 1’s ascension to the throne in August 2018 and the Kingdom of Loxwood’s newfound independence, Queen Katheryn Adelina 1 has also announced today (May 30) that she will be holding a spectacular celebration with all her loyal subjects to be called The Loxwood Joust this August.

Loxwood will return to using Groats

The Loxwood Joust will take place in The Kingdom of Loxwood at The Loxwood Meadow RH14 0AL on August 3, 4, 10&11 August 2019 from 10am to 6pm daily.

Loxwood's executioner Gilbert Savage
Loxwood's knights marching