No1 Health Coach empowers people to healthier living

A Horsham-based health coach is offering those who struggle with making improvements to their wellbeing an opportunity to reach their goals with her knowledge and guidance. Here, Steph McCann outlines her own journey, and her drive to help others.

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Thursday, 14th October 2021, 10:36 am
Is it time to hit your reset button? This Horsham-based health coach might be who you are looking for.

What if you could hit the reset button and have someone champion you all the way to feeling more energised and invested in your health, your goals, your fantastic future self? That’s what’s on offer from Steph McCann, No1 Health Coach who says “it’s time to prioritise ourselves so that all areas of our life can thrive”.

“I’ve walked the path you are walking now,” says Steph. “There is no magic pill, cheat sheet or easy button. But, working with me will help you to refocus on yourself. Self-care is a necessity; we exist in a culture that often finds us at the bottom of a long “to do” list. We all deserve to have good health and purpose in our lives and it’s my mission to help you achieve that.

Who is Steph?

“A health coach is the best accountability buddy you can have.”

“I’m a Horsham based health coach providing face to face and online consultations. My passion for healthier living arose from watching a serialisation on gut health. I was carrying too much weight, feeling lacklustre and totally demotivated about making any sort of meaningful change. Listening to experts explain reasons behind my lethargy and cravings made so much sense.

“Fast forward to 2020 when I decided to get myself formally educated with the College of Naturopathic Medicine. When I saw for myself the endless list of benefits from good nutrition, sustainable habits, better sleep and moving more, I knew that I could help real people find real solutions.”

Steph is also a radio presenter on every Wednesday at 9am, where she speaks to others in the health and wellness space about the many ways that how we can all help ourselves, coupled with some great music.

What is a health coach?

A health coach is someone who provides education, inspiration and dedication to a client and steers them towards their health and lifestyle goals, says Steph.

“First we look at the state of a client’s health. This gives a great overview of what their life looks like. In addition to this, we look at things holistically; we cannot function optimally if there is another area of life out of balance.

“To clarify, if a client’s main goal is to lose weight and they have a stressful job, the likelihood is that it’s very difficult to achieve this when their body thinks it’s in a fight or flight state and needs all the stored energy it has to react. We still have primal responses built into us. When we understand better how our bodies work we can employ measured habits to support the end goal. We are all unique in our physiology and in our lives - a generic approach to weight-loss rarely yields lasting results.

“A health coach is the best accountability buddy you can have to get you on track and stay on track.”

How do I know if this could work for me?

“It’s important to have an initial conversation to garner what someone is looking to achieve and for them to understand how I can work with them. There are three coaching plans to ‘take you from survive to thrive’ which are detailed on my website,” she adds.

“There is nothing more rewarding for me than to see a spark go to a flame in someone and watch them get more zest for life. Don’t waste another moment of your precious future.”

Visit to book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call or simply pick up the phone and call 07535 111367.

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