New mental health support group to help Horsham young people

Horsham parents have set up a group to support young people’s mental health.

Tuesday, 29th June 2021, 12:41 pm

The Parents of The Horsham Schools - standing together to save our children Facebook group was launched by Nikki Knott, 50 and Hayley Fatehnia, 35, both from Southwater.

And in just a few days the group – which helps parents and young people access mental health support services – has more than 1,900 members.

Nikki said. “We felt that there were a lot of parents out there who didn’t really know where to go. We have heard so many stories.

Mums have set up a group to support the mental health of young people in Horsham Hayley Fatehnia and her daughter Angel, Nikki Knott, Owen Stavely-Butler, Kierah Stavely and Gemma Stavely Pic S Robards SR2806213 SUS-210628-172646001

“There’s so much more help that’s needed. The fact that we have had such a response – it’s something that people are so passionate about.

“We have had so much support from professionals – we have got this whole range of people who can help.”

She added that young people have had a tough time during the coronavirus pandemic.

Nikki said: “They have lost social skills – being able to be with their friends.

“They have missed out on proms, on leaving schools.”

She added that lockdown restrictions meant young people lost their usual coping methods and were unable to see friends for months on end.

Nikki said she hopes to get speakers into schools – some of whom have already offered spaces – and said the group already has lots of ideas in the pipeline about how to support young people.

She added that if she can help ‘just one child’ then the project will have been worthwhile.

Nikki said: “No matter what’s happening – there’s always a place people can go to.”