‘They need to wake up’: Horsham people condemn large group doing the ‘Hokey Cokey’ in Sussex park

Horsham people have condemned a large group pictured doing the Hokey Cokey in a Sussex Park.

Tuesday, 16th March 2021, 12:42 pm

Footage from Alexandra Park in Hastings on Sunday (March 14) showed men, women and children joined in a large circle in the park.

One member can be heard chanting ‘we have rights’, before a group of children gather in the middle to begin dancing.

And now Horsham people have reacted to the controversial video.

Alexandra Park, Hastings SUS-210314-162152001
Alexandra Park, Hastings SUS-210314-162152001

Posting on the County Times Facebook page Sylv Upfield urged those involved to ‘wake up’. She added: “We all have families that we want to reunite with.”

Wendy Parker added: “Makes me cross when I can’t even see my family because I am following the rules!”

Sally Grover branded the group’s actions as ‘unbelievable’

Liz Pratt added: “What is the matter with people? We are still dealing with a pandemic!”

In a final clip, the circle develops into the classic party dance the Hokey Cokey, in which the dancers put each of their limbs in and out, three times, then shake them all about.

After that stage, the group ‘do the Hokey Cokey’ and turn around, before rushing towards each other into the centre of the circle shouting ‘woah, the hokey cokey’.

Over the weekend, Sussex Police said there was no record of officers being specifically called to the scene.

But, on Monday (March 15), a spokesman said police ‘were made aware’ of a gathering of around 40 people in Alexandra Park.

The spokesman added: “Officers attended to engage with those present, explaining the government’s coronavirus regulations and encouraging people to follow them.

“The group engaged with officers and voluntarily dispersed so no enforcement action was required.”

No arrests were made.

Sussex Police added: “The government’s coronavirus regulations are in place to help stop the spread of the virus, protect the NHS and save lives. We will continue to use the four Es – engaging, explaining, encouraging and, where necessary and proportionate, enforcing.”

Members of the group A Stand in the park were set to meet in Alexandra Park between 10am and 11am on Monday, but it is not clear whether the people in the footage were affiliated.

According to A Stand in the Park’s Facebook page, the group is ‘making a stand for freedom’.