Boy, 15, calls for pump track in South Downs village to keep young people out of ‘mischief’

A teenager has called for a pump track to be built in a South Downs village to stop young people getting bored.

Kai Stenning, 15, launched a petition to build the facility in Pulborough, which has now been signed by more than 100 people.

Petition to build a Pulborough pump track. Kai Stenning and Steve Stenning' SR18111902 SUS-191118-185540001

Petition to build a Pulborough pump track. Kai Stenning and Steve Stenning' SR18111902 SUS-191118-185540001

He said the village did not have any activities to keep young people busy.

Kai added: “Young kids like me have nothing to do. If you look at Billingshurst they have a leisure centre, gym and two skate parks and one of the skate parks is getting knocked down next year and completely rebuilt.

“If you look at Pulborough we don’t have anything. Then we get bored and we start getting into mischief.”

Youngsters in the village travel to Horsham to ride at the town’s pump track, which opened earlier this year, but travelling costs are prohibitive, he said.

Kai added: “Most of us can’t afford to go all the way to Horsham every weekend. It would be nice to have something like this in Pulborough.”

The petition has already received widespread support from people of all ages according to Kai.

He said: “There’s tonnes of comments from older people saying they would like something in the community.

“It’s really nice.”

In the petition, Kai said the pump track will give children around the village ‘something to do’ where they can ‘have fun’.

The facility would help young people get outside instead of sitting indoors and playing on the PlayStation all day, he added.

A pump track is a type of off-road terrain for bike riders consisting of a circuit of banked turns and features.

It is designed to be ridden without pedalling, riders ‘pump’ the features using the up and down movement of their body to make forward momentum.

Several people commented on the petition, backing Kai’s call.

One supporter said: “It gives children and young adults a great area to keep fit, have fun and be outside enjoying life.”

Another added: “This would be an excellent addition to the village for the older children.”

A backer of the petition said: “Kids need their outdoor activity spaces.”

“Pump tracks are your perfect ‘all rounder’, attracting all levels of ability. Thumbs up from me,” added another.

To sign Kai’s petition please click here.

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