‘Spectacular’ results for students at Horsham’s Millais School

Students at Horsham’s Millais School achieved a ‘spectacular’ set of GCSE results.

Friday, 13th August 2021, 12:17 pm

Headteacher Dr Alison Lodwick said: “Faced with yet another uniquely challenging year, the students at Millais have remained resilient, and focused and therefore have achieved a spectacular set of GSCE results of which they can be immensely proud.

“This cohort have had to deal with a level of disruption and unpredictability that no-one has ever experienced before. However, our young people have embraced the opportunity to show how well they can do, on multiple occasions, worked hard and consequently, we have seen their very best and they have excelled themselves, in the most extraordinary of times.

“Therefore, students, parents and staff are absolutely delighted to be celebrating such an exceptional level of performance from the Class of 2021.

Charlotte Appleyard, Anah Zakeer and Roseanna Graves

“The remarkable achievement across all subjects is reflected in the 40 per cent of the cohort who achieved grades at 7,8 & 9 which is tremendous, as is an increase 8 per cent in the percentage of students achieving 10 or more standard and strong passes.

“There are 20 students who achieved grades exclusively at 7, 8 and 9 with a very well-deserved special mention to our top three students who are Roseanna Graves and Ruth Ironmonger with a total of 10 Grades 9’S and Anah Zakeer with 9 grades at the top level.

“This year the Teacher Assessed Grades has been a very demanding process but due to the diligence and dedication of the staff, we are very pleased that the examination boards verified the results awarded by our staff to our students, as they are considered in line with our historic performance.

“Every year we endeavour to live up to the reputation we have established for ourselves as one of the highest performing (non-selective) state schools in the country and despite the disruption of the last 18 months, these results remain outstanding and really reflect our pursuit of excellence.

“We are extremely proud of each one of our Year 11 students as they have been richly rewarded for their hard work and commitment which they have demonstrated over a number of years and we wish them every success as they move on now confidently to the next stage of their education and life.”