Secondary school places in Sussex - how to appeal

A number of parents have discovered in the past few days that a lack of secondary school places has left their children missing out on their first and even second choice schools.

Monday, 4th March 2019, 3:51 pm
Updated Monday, 4th March 2019, 3:55 pm
Appeals process

But what can you do if this happens?

West and East Sussex county councils and Brighton and Hove Borough Council have their own appeals procedures.

West Sussex

Read the School admission appeals guide

Complete a separate appeals form for each school:

The council says that appeal hearings are heard by an independent panel and its decision is binding.

You will be sent a letter with the appeal hearing date.

Appeals dates for church aided and foundation schools, academies and free schools are set by the school’s governing body and are available from the school.

For more information go to the council website.

East Sussex

The council says that you must set out in writing your grounds for appealing.

You can only appeal for a school which was included on your original application. If you are interested in applying for a school not named on your original application, contact School Admissions.

What happens with your school appeal?

Appeals are heard by an Independent Appeal Panel (IAP) at an appeals hearing.

You will be given the opportunity to attend your appeal hearing and put your case in person to the IAP. Procedures for school admissions appeal hearings.

The person appealing

The three members of the Independent Appeal Panel. The members of the Panel are volunteers who are trained for their role. The members of the Panel must be independent of the admission authority (which depending on the type of school could be East Sussex County Council or an individual school or academy).

Admission Authority representative

Clerk to the Panel

More information about who will be at the appeal hearing.

What happens at an appeal hearing?

The hearing provides you with an opportunity to:

explain in person the reasons why you are appealing

ask questions of the admission authority representative

answer any questions the IAP and the admission authority representative may have.

You do not have to attend your appeal hearing. If you do not attend, your appeal will be considered on the basis of your written submission.

For more information go to the council website.

Brighton and Hove

You can appeal online if your child wasn’t offered a place at a school you listed as your first, second or third preference in the application form.

Appeal deadlines

Appeal as soon as you can if you want your child to start, change or move school during the school year,

The appeal will take place within 30 school days. Appeals don’t take place during school holidays.

What happens next

After you submit the appeal the council will let you know the date and time of the appeal hearing.

Other ways to appeal

Email [email protected] to ask for a paper version of the form.

For more information go to the council website.