Horsham private school hosts talk on how public schools ‘ruin’ the country

Robert Verkaik at Christ's Hospital
Robert Verkaik at Christ's Hospital

Horsham private school Christ’s Hospital welcomed the author of a controversial book to give a lecture on how public schools ‘ruin’ the country.

Robert Verkaik, author of Posh Boys: How English Public Schools Ruin Britain, argues that the privately educated dominate the Government, judiciary and military, leading to a society greatly divided between rich and poor.

He believes that children who are taken away from other children and told they are the ‘chosen ones’ are programmed to ignore the interests of the many.

Students and staff at the school filled the lecture theatre last Tuesday to hear Robert’s views.

The talk was followed by a lively Q&A session, with students keen to challenge some of his opinions and to put forward their own ideas on the problems in education, society and the class system, and issues that may arise by closing independent schools.

Robert ended the evening by outlining how through meaningful reforms society can be made fairer for all.

He urged Christ’s Hospital to be more vocal about its charitable mission, as 75 per cent of its students either receive a free or fee-assisted place, to support children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The school is one of the oldest boarding schools in England, opened originally in London by King Edward VI to provide for the poor.