Head's praise for dedicated team after Ofsted report

A headteacher has praised the dedication of staff, governors and pupils after her school received a glowing report from Ofsted.

Wednesday, 1st February 2017, 6:49 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 3:12 am
Happy days for staff and children at Loxwood Primary

Loxwood Primary underwent a short inspection in December and the findings were published on January 10.

In his report, inspector Clive Dunn said Polly Kitson, who took over the headship in September, had “galvanised” her team since her arrival.

He added: “Very quickly, you have established an accurate view of the school’s effectiveness and taken action that has already had a demonstrable impact.

“You have shown strong judgement in prioritising your actions to ensure that no time has been wasted.”

Mr Dunn described children at Loxwood as “motivated and enthused by their learning”, adding that they behaved well and felt safe at school.

Looking at their academic performance, 2016’s figures published by the Department of Education showed progress made by pupils in writing between the end of Key Stage 1 and the end of Key Stage 2 had been well below average.

However, Mr Dunn pointed out that when Ms Kitson was appointed head, she had recognised the problem “very quickly” and there was now “strong evidence” that the progress being made was superior to the published data.

The children’s progress in reading was seen as a “real strength”, with youngsters showing very positive attitudes and the older and most able reading with “fluency and expression”.

Parents were quick to share their views with Ofsted, with 94 per cent of those who did so saying they would recommend Loxwood to others.

Ms Kitson said: “I think the report captured the dedication of staff, governors and pupils. It also reflects the support that the school gets from parents. It showed a school that was aware of its areas for development but that had also worked tirelessly to improve standards since the previous inspection and the introduction of a new national curriculum and assessment procedures.

“I feel that the atmosphere of the school comes across too, where the children feel safe and happy and are keen to learn.”

Detailing the next steps for the school, Mr Dunn said leaders needed to ensure the most able pupils excelled across the curriculum, and to implement plans to check thoroughly the impact of strategies on improving pupils’ outcomes.

Ms Kitson said the areas identified by Mr Dunn were already in the school’s development plan.

She added: “I am confident that the whole community is dedicated to the continued improvement of provision for learning for children at the school.

“We will always work hard to ensure that the children feel safe and happy whilst they are here so that they can all reach their potential and that when they leave they are ready for the challenges ahead. I would hope that this is recognised by all and any visitors to the school.”

Ms Kitson said it had been a “real privilege” to work with the Loxwood community, adding: “In particular the children, who are tirelessly inspirational and who make me proud every day.”

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