Cranleigh School A-levels ‘consistent with expected achievements’

A-level results at Cranleigh School are ‘mainly consistent with expected levels of achievement’, according to the headmaster.

Thursday, 13th August 2020, 1:22 pm

Pupils achieved 77 per cent of grades at A*-B and an overall pass rate of 99.7 per cent in the Covid non-exam assessments.

Deputy Head Academic David Boggitt, said: “We feel deeply sorry for all those pupils who worked so hard for exams this year and did not get their chance to take them as planned.

“We’re pleased that these results are commensurate with what we had hoped and expected for this year group, which has shown such resilience and positive attitude in the face of everything that has happened to change their plans.

“Almost 40 per cent of students gained A*/A in two or more subjects, with over 60% achieving all A*-B.”

Headmaster Martin Reader said: “We continued with remote learning and supported our students through the grading system, and we also prepared them for taking exams as necessary in September.

“The Common Room and students have been working hard and in such extraordinary circumstances. It’s good news that results from this year’s process are broadly comparable to exam years and we’ll continue to support any individuals who wish to undergo appeals or resits.”