Fury at Horsham store selling festive cards in August - ‘the magic of Christmas is dead and buried’

The store is prepared for Christmas, despite it being more than four months away
The store is prepared for Christmas, despite it being more than four months away

‘Disgusted’ Horsham shoppers have condemned a store’s decision to start selling Christmas cards in August.

Angry residents took to the County Times Facebook page to express their fury when they discovered Card Factory, in West Street, was selling Christmas cards during the summer holidays.

Card Factory in Horsham

Card Factory in Horsham

Andy Kelly fumed: “This is disgusting. Christmas means nothing now. These retailers have completely destroyed the magic of Christmas.”

Julie Woodley added: “Leave it for a few weeks yet at least let us finish the summer hols.”

Steve Darby said: “Far too early to have it shoved down our throats November yes that’s fine it’s all about commercialism these days not about what it should be I must be getting old.”

Lin Enticknap added: “This is why the magic of Christmas is dead and buried.”

But some shoppers thought it might give them a chance to get ahead of the curve.

Rita Jones joked: “I haven’t finished writing last year’s yet.”

Maxine Gunner added: “If you’re like me you think great, I’ll get them done on time this year.

“Then December 24 races upon you and you realise you haven’t written your cards yet.”

Despite it being August one shopper has already embraced the Christmas spirit.

Carole Turner challenged the festive season to ‘bring it on’.

She added: “All these replies are from miserable humbugs.

“If anything it helps to spread the cost for those less fortunate.”

Card Factory has been approached for comment.

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