Horsham town centre bar looks forward to ‘getting back to normal’

A Horsham town centre bar is looking forward to ‘getting back to normal’ after the Prime Minister yesterday revealed plans to lift nearly all Covid restrictions.

Tuesday, 6th July 2021, 3:32 pm

Graham Hartley, owner of Piries Bar, said he was ‘delighted’ that customers would no longer have to wear face masks from ‘Freedom Day’ on July 19 and that people could once again sit on stools at the bar to enjoy a drink.

But he cautioned about celebrating too soon. “We have been down this road before,” he said.

The Government is to make a final decision on July 12.

Graham Hartley, owner of Horsham's Piries Bar, is hoping for some normality soon, but is sceptical. "We've been down this road before". Photo: Steve Robards SR2010062 SUS-200610-124357001

“As far as we’re able to we will try and get back to normal,” said Graham.

“We’re not going to impose restrictions on anybody.

“But if people wish to wear a mask, that is entirely up to them.

“Hopefully we will get back to being a normal, convivial, sociable bar.

“As far as we’re able to we’ll revert to how we were 18 months ago.”