Horsham firm launches new sport platform

A Horsham company has launched a design and distribution platform focused on sport.

Friday, 14th May 2021, 4:19 pm

YOA Design launched on May 12, founding director of YOA Ross Butterfill said.

He saw the difficulties small sports teams had with social media marketing and consistent branding and knew how he could help.

Ross added: “After working with several semi-professional football clubs, I saw the same problem over and over.

Founding director at YOA, Ross Butterfill

“A small creative team or one individual would be under intense pressure to produce creative content for social media at a high pace and consistency. Often, they just couldn’t keep up.

“Managing social media accounts for organisations meant that we saw this first-hand. I knew I could resolve this problem and give wider teams capabilities they may not have thought they had.”

YOA Design allows multiple users to create and publish for social media or print. With custom locked templates set to your brand guidelines, everyone can produce professional, eye catching designs for print or social, Ross said.

He added: “Consistent branding on social media is more important than ever for sports teams. Covid-19 disconnected us from our favourite sports; teams need to increase their online audiences as those followers will convert to ticket sales. Personally, I can’t wait for clubs across the country to be back in action and fans in attendance.”

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