Accidental saucy message leaves Sussex firm red in the face

The unfortunate cropping of a Sussex firm’s logo to reveal a saucy message has left the owner red in the face.

Wednesday, 29th July 2020, 10:03 am

Surprised customers of Sussex Campervans in Langhurst Wood Road spied the risqué message in a Facebook post made by the company.

Daniel Lopez, managing director and founder, said the company logo was cropped to reveal a rude phrase – ‘sex perv’.

He was alerted to the racy post when he was contacted by people who had spotted the amusing image trending on Reddit.

The Sussex Campervans team

Daniel said the firm took the unexpected crop in good humour. He added: “We were inundated with messages saying ‘have you seen how your post looks’.

“We’re fairly relaxed about it. At the end of the day we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

“We were red in the face but chortling. I thought it was quite funny really.”

Daniel, who said business has been booming since lockdown eased and the popularity of the staycation surged, added that he was happy to bring a smile to people’s faces during tough times.

The logo was cropped - as indicated by the red square - to reveal the phrase 'sex perv'

The post has now been removed – in a later update the firm said: “Let’s try this again shall we? Thank you to all those who pointed out a strange cropping issue with the preview!”