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DM1841105a.jpg. Protest against plans for an incinerator in Horsham. Photo by Derek Martin Photography. SUS-180517-151722001

Incinerator and housing development double blow for Horsham

So it seems there is again a possibility that Horsham will have to put up with an incinerator plant and high chimney to accept the rubbish from miles around and now that the council have lessened their reasons for objection to it, presumably the North Horsham development in its shadow they also consider acceptable.

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Bonfire (archive photo)

Bonfires should be banned in Horsham

With all of the press recently regarding the dangers to health and damage to the environment caused by wood burning stoves and bonfires, one would have hoped that people would be a little more considerate and thoughtful when it comes to lighting fires. Not so.

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Horsham District, credit Google Maps

Where is the boundary of Horsham town?

Why is the West Sussex County Times now referring to the geographical location of the proposed housing and business park development to the north of the A264 as ‘North Horsham’, whereas all parties have previously (and many still do!) referred to it as ‘North of Horsham’?

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The cost of EU membership

In a letter in last week’s WSCT, Mr Battersby responded to my letter of the previous week, by highlighting some extra costs from being outside of the Customs Union.

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