Video: easyJet unveils plans for electric planes

Electric planes, drones checking the runway for problems and apps that will sort out all aspects of your flight.

Wednesday, 27th September 2017, 5:13 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 4:27 am
Drones will feature heavily
Drones will feature heavily

It may sound like science fiction but all too soon it’ll be a way of life for us.

easyJet held its third Innovation Day today (Wednesday September 27) at Gatwick Airport, outlining plans for the next decade or so.

The company is collaborating with electric aircraft manufacturer Wright Electric.

Drones will feature heavily

The vision is for a fully electric plane within a decade with a further ambitious goal for every short flight to be zero-emissions within 20 years.

The range of the new aircraft would be 335 miles, which would cover 20 per cent of passengers flown by easyJet today.

In the meantime, on show today was the new A320 neo Airbus which the company says will provide 15 per cent savings in CO2 emissions and a 50 per cent reduction in noise.

easyJet has two A320neo aircraft, positioned into Gatwick and Luton, with a further 98 to be delivered by August 2022.

Air Time, the new in-flight entertainment

easyjet CEO Carolyn McCall said: “These innovations will not only reduce our impact on the environment but will also provide respite for communities living near airports.”

Drones are set to be a regular part of runway and aircraft life.

They will perform detailed aircraft checks to assess any damage - checks that would usually take more than a day to complete, done in a couple of hours.

And they can be used at Gatwick night and day to inspect the runway and help secure the airport perimeter.

360 degree VR will help with training

The aim is for airfields to be far quieter with electric tugs used to power aircraft taxiing.

Apps will be available to guide you through the airport as well as keeping you up to date with your flight.

And if you’re a regular passenger the cabin crew will know your favourite tipple and have your pre-ordered meal ready and waiting.

easyJet announced that it has started a trial of its new Air Time in-flight entertainment. If rolled out it will enable passengers to use their own phones, tablets or laptops to access TV box sets, film, audio, books, games, flight information, guides etc.

The new Airbus A320