Welcome to Allotmentgate from the Barns Green Players

Allotmentgate offers the Barns Green Players a world of sex, drugs and rake ‘n’ roll.

Thursday, 11th July 2019, 9:20 am

The Players are busy rehearsing for their latest comedy which will offer four performances – on Friday, July 12, Saturday, July 13, Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 20.

Show author Nigel Currie said: “This is one of Barns Green Players’ very popular comedy ‘bring your own food’ shows where the audience sits at tables of eight and enjoys drinks brought to the tables from the licensed bar.

“The show is a brand-new comedy written by Barns Green Players and is all about the goings on down at the allotments. It is set in Shingley Hill somewhere in Surrey and involves a range of strange and diverse characters who all seem to have different reasons for having an allotment.

“Shingley Hills Allotments is in a bad way. There is not much interest and commitment from a lot of the allotment holders. The exception is Margaret Ellwood.

“She prides herself on her allotment which is looked after by her long-suffering husband, Eric. She despairs at the way that Shingley Hill Allotments is declining. Then the Inspector of allotments from the council unexpectedly turns up.

“He has been sent on a secret assignment to assess Shingley Hill allotments as the council are looking to redevelop the site.

“Margaret decides that there is going to be a big shake-up – things are going to improve and she plans a grand relaunch. A lavish function to show off to everyone just how good Shingley Hill Allotments are. There is lots of detailed planning and jobs are allocated. Various dignitaries including the local MP are invited to the great re-launch.

“Will it all go to plan? Will it be a success? Will Margaret save Shingley Hill Allotments?”

Director Neale Francis said: “This is a new play about the dramas that take place down on the allotment. It poses some big technical challenges for our backstage teams (including some rain) but I am sure they will rise to the challenge.

“We have a great cast and can guarantee a night of hilarity as the plot develops!”

Tickets 01403 731566 or through the website – http://www.barnsgreenplayers.co.uk

Tickets are £11 each or £88 for a full table of eight.

Doors open 7pm with the performances starting at 8pm

There will be a licensed bar serving drinks with drinks being served at your table.