Show for terriers

THE Southern Region of The Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain, is holding a show at Brinsbury Campus, Pulborough, this Sunday, November 20, highlighting the breed, and also including classes for fellow terriers.

Wednesday, 16th November 2011, 10:26 am

The show offers the opportunity for the general public to see the Jack Russell breed which originated in the early 19th century from dogs bred and used by the Rev John Russell. The club was established in 1974, named in recognition of his vast achievements with these animals, aiming to continue protection and preservation of this remarkable breed and to encourage retention of its working aspects and attributes.

The breed’s parent societies have consistently opposed any recognition of the Jack Russell by the Kennel Club. The Jack Russell Terrier club continues to have its own breed standard and registration system, which aims to preserve the abilities this terrier was bred for.

Many overseas countries, including America, Canada, Japan, South Africa, as well as European countries are affiliate to the British club.

The Jack Russell terrier has been described by many people as a large gift done up in a small parcel because of its energetic and lively character. A great personality and apart from the working aspect it makes a very desirable and loving pet - but the club which supports it is not widely known.

Organisers hope that many people will take the opportunity to go along to the show this Sunday at Brinsbury Campus, when Jack Russells will be joined by fellow terriers, Lakelands, Patterdales and Border terriers in their own classes.

There will also be a lurcher and whippet show running alongside the terrier classes.

Admission to the show is free and club members would be delighted to meet up with like-minded people to chat and compare the terriers.

For further enquiries please contact Natalie on 07949 627222 or Thelma on 01342 832965.