Film review: Seven Psychopaths (3 out of 5 stars)

From the writer and director of 2008’s movie In Bruges (Martin McDonagh) we have another violent storyline.

Wednesday, 5th December 2012, 11:25 am

However, I preferred his previous effort to this latest movie.

Both star Colin Farrell who seems to enjoy these gangster type of plots.

In fact, there’s nothing wrong with the level of acting in Seven Psychopaths, quite the contrary.

Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken and Woody Harrelson are superb.

They are backed up with some great performances from the likes of Abbie Cornish, Tom Waits and Harry Dean Stanton.

And there is some great humour.

However, some of the strands of the plot seem to get a bit lost in the mix and it all becomes too serious and ‘deep’ by the end.

Farrell plays Marty, a screenwriter putting together his latest work, called ‘Seven Psychopaths’.

His friend Billy (Rockwell) and Hans (Walken) steal dogs and pretend they have found them once a reward is posted.

However, when Billy steals the beloved Shih Tzu of local mob boss Charlie (Harrelson) everyone gets involved in revenge and murder.

Added to the mix is a serial killer who wears a mask and targets members of crime gangs, plus another psychopath killer who walks around with a rabbit.

The film has a 15 certificate but the level of violence and the extreme language may concern some people.

Overall, it’s the kind of movie I’d re-visit in the future as I’m not sure I took it all in on the first showing.

To be honest, some of the speeches may have passed me by as the body count increased.

Film details: Seven Psychopaths (15) 110mins

Director: Martin McDonagh

Starring: Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson

Screening courtesy of Cineworld Crawley

Steve Payne