Camera club exhibition helps raise the game

Superb images from Chichester Camera Club will once again go on show in the club’s annual exhibition.

Wednesday, 17th August 2011, 2:45 pm

The 2011 show, displaying a huge range of subjects from landscape to street, from portrait to abstract, will be held in the Assembly Rooms, North Street, Chichester, until Saturday, August 20.

As club chairman John Bradshaw says, it’s all about raising everyone’s game, while showing the public what the club does and perhaps also sparking a few people to take up photography.

“We have a lot of success both locally and nationally in competitions between clubs, and we have a lot of members submit themselves as individuals to outside organisations for various distinctions. It all helps raise the standard of your work, like any educational experience.

“Feedback is important. In most things in life, you are a quite good judge of what we do, but at the end of the day, external independent advice is a way of raising your game - and that can come from within the club as well.

“This is our annual exhibition where any members that want to submit work can do so. It is a huge body of work which is judged. People can submit a number of images but they may only get two in the final show. It’s the very best work.”

Opening times are 10am-5pm and entry is free. Members will be on hand to chat about the Club and what it does.

Chichester Camera Club is one of the most active and successful Clubs in the south of England. In the past year the membership has increased to 150, with a diverse range of ages - from 20 to over 90. You don’t have to be an expert photographer to be welcomed at the Club. All you need is an interest in photography. At the moment, there is a waiting list of between one to two years for new members.

The Club encompasses all genres of photography with members producing their work in digital, darkroom print and slide formats. As well as the main Club activities, there are also sub-groups to promote specialised interests including portraiture, digital processing, audio visual (where images are combined with music or narration), printing and to encourage members to gain distinctions from The Royal Photographic Society. These sub-groups are open to non-members, who are very welcome to attend.

The Club’s website has had a complete. The new site is now up and running, providing

information about the Club and its forthcoming events, as well as showcasing some of the photos taken by members. Visit