Deadly Deceit is the latest book from Horsham author Cliff Comber

Deadly Deceit is the latest book from Horsham author Cliff Comber, the second part of a trilogy following Running for his Lives.

Tuesday, 18th August 2020, 9:30 am
Horsham author Cliff Comber
Horsham author Cliff Comber

It has been published by Austin Macauley and is available from Amazon, Waterstones and Austin Macauley.

Cliff, aged 69, said: “My main inspiration for writing came from my need to publicise a story whereby I could mention the many people who have been influential in my life. Although the books come under the crime fiction genre, I have been able to use situations experienced by police colleagues and myself, although many of the incidents have been modified to fit the narrative. I am also very fortunate to know two now-retired paratroopers whose stories also feature heavily in the novels.

“I feel the book will appeal to all crime fiction readers especially those who live in Sussex where I have used real locations known to many.

“They will also be of interest to both present and retired police officers and likewise to army personnel. It becomes obvious in the books that not only do I have great admiration for our police force but also our armed services.

“The first novel Running for his Lives which I began writing in 2015 was inspired by a simple event that I witnessed, when at the same time a close friend was seriously ill, and I saw the opportunity to immortalise both him and others in novels.

“The story Deadly Deceit is my second novel which follows Running for his Lives, the story of Dennis ‘Dutch’ French who seeks revenge against the cartel who violated his wife.

“Following him taking ultimate retribution, he then becomes a police suspect and a target for gang members for which he needs all his skills and cunning to protect his own life and the lives of his family.

“Due to my love of music I have entitled each chapter with a popular song title appertaining to the contents of the chapter with two BBC Radio Sussex presenters supplying the forwards.

I am at present writing the final part of the trilogy.”