Artist creates stunning and evocative images of horses with graphite pencils

‘Stunning’ and ‘richly coloured’ are not terms usually associated with the humble lead pencil, but in the hands of self taught graphite artist Rebecca Taylor you will see how apt they are.

Monday, 29th December 2014, 4:29 pm
Graphite pencil drawings by Rebecca Taylor
Graphite pencil drawings by Rebecca Taylor

Just as many a photographer will say black and white is best for revealing the image, so Rebecca translates movement, sinews, muscles, coats and fur of horses and animals in to two dimensional masterpieces.

Horsham District Council’s Horsham Museum and Art Gallery are delighted to hold the inaugural exhibition ‘Dressage’ by this outstandingly talented young artist.

The exhibition opens today (January 8) and runs until February 28.

Graphite pencil drawings by Rebecca Taylor

As Rebecca says of herself “ I am a young artist based on the Sussex/Surrey border, working exclusively in graphite pencils, layering black on grey on white to create stunning and evocative portrayals of mostly equine based subjects.

“The foundations of my work are rooted in my childhood. I was fortunate enough to grow up around a range of horses, which incited a great love and passion for these magnificent, regal animals which has enabled me to create almost photorealistic drawings.

“For me it is the simplicity of the pencil, which is its greatest asset. Its power allows me to get to the very essence of a subject. Black and white doesn’t distract in the way that colour can.”

The exhibition includes a number of works specially created for the display as it showcases her talent. These recent works will be complemented by commissions undertaken by Rebecca of people’s much loved animal companions, be it horse, dogs or cats. For her work vividly illustrates many reasons why animals are so alluring to humans.

Her ability to pinpoint the character, personality, beauty, grace, and vitality of each subject is remarkable and it is this that touches the viewer in such an immediate way. Essentially, her work is about capturing the unique spirit of an animal and it is this ability that has gained her praise from both clients and supporters on a global scale, including the Olympic dressage horse rider Charlotte Dujardin.

Last year, on Wednesday, December 17, near perfection was achieved by a horse dancing to How to Train Your Dragon. The horse, Valegro and rider Charlotte Dujardin achieved the world record of 94.3 percent at Olympia. They gained worldwide attention and national awareness by winning the gold medal at the Olympics. It was here that Rebecca Taylor captured in graphite the champion horse and offered the drawing to Charlotte. Charlotte was bowled over by the drawing offering her support to the self-taught local artist from near Horsham.

Dressage – Graphite art by Rebecca Taylor at Horsham Museum and art Gallery is the first exhibition of a talent that will attract growing esteem. It is a fitting location for an artist that has such natural empathy with horses, as the town’s origins and very name grew out of its equine connections, while the museum holds an outstanding collection of saddlery and lorinery through the ages. It is a stunning opening exhibition of a year-long programme of art at Horsham District Council’s Museum & Art Gallery.

Dressage – Graphite Art by Rebecca Taylor opens on January 8 and runs until February 28, with a ‘meet the artist’ event on Saturday, January 17, from 11am to 1pm.