Turmoil of Oscar Wilde and a palm reader

In Extremis.
In Extremis.

On the night of the 24 March 1895, Mrs Robinson, a society palm reader, agreed to see Oscar Wilde in her London flat.

It was just one week before what was going to be billed ‘the trial of the century’.

In Extremis attempts to reveal and understand the strange turmoil of that night, as one of the most celebrated men of his age enlists the help of a complete stranger for advice about a potentially life-changing decision.
Faced with the choice of fight or flight was Oscar’s fateful decision based on the advice he received that night?
First presented at The National Theatre to mark the centenary of Oscar Wilde’s death.

Running time: 50 minutes approximately. Free post-show discussion.
Tickets: £12 (discounts: £10). Outsmart: £8.50
To book please call The Hawth Box Office on 01293 553636 or book online at www.hawth.co.uk