Shakespeare soup to be served at North Stoke

The Friends of St Mary the Virgin, North Stoke, near Amberley, are awaiting a return visit from their acting friends at RADIUS, the group which performed Murder in the Cathedral to such acclaim in 2010.

This time it’s for the National Shakespeare 2012 Celebrations.

Shakespeare Soup is not a solemn poetry-recital in honour of a dead poet but a lively tribute to one who, better than any, sheds light on the human condition.

The programme covers Art and Life, Love and Liking, Death and Dying and the Hollow Crown. Both the romantic and the bawdy are well-represented.

The scene imitates a rehearsal: lines out of one play are answered by another, wise comment is added from the Sonnets, while the lyrics provide dialogue, and some of Will’s fellow-writers are called in to add weight or gloss.

Humour and romance abound, the battle of the sexes is played out, death marked and power examined, in a programme that cuts across age and gender.

Five actors of pedigree in the professional theatre will gather at the ancient downland church of St Mary the Virgin, North Stoke BN18 9LS on Sunday September 2 at 3pm: “All for your delight.”

Tickets (£8) and information from Janet Aidin, 01798 872531 The Old Rectory, Wiggonholt RH20 2EL

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