Tales from the dark side of the Capital

London and its darkest stories are the theme for The Tyburn Tree, a new collaboration between saxophonist, composer and record producer John Harle and singer Marc Almond.

It plays Brighton Dome Concert Hall on Wednesday, March 5 at 8pm.

The concept album The Tyburn Tree – Dark London was released in February, and the project will receive its live premiere on this tour.

As spokeswoman Nicola Jeffs explains: “The Tyburn Tree is an epic song cycle that shines a lantern into the terrifying corners of London’s history. From the infamous Tyburn Tree gallows themselves, to legends of London ghosts such as Spring Heeled Jack and The Vampire of Highgate to the chronicled horror of Jack the Ripper and the Ratcliffe Highway murders, The Tyburn Tree is a haunted history of London’s streets of fear.

“Marc Almond is our tour guide through these tales from the shadows. In turn darkly humorous and heroic, Almond’s incomparable voice combined with Harle’s pulsating score promises an overwhelming musical experience.

“Almond’s own lyrics form the backbone of the album and concert, drawing on his personal fascination with London’s anti-history, alongside texts from visionary Londoner William Blake (Fortress and Jerusalem), the poet Tom Pickard (a terrifying reworking of London Bridge is falling Down) and Elizabethan magus John Dee (Dark Angel).

“But while the lyrics stalk the darkest passageways of London’s history, the music is unashamedly contemporary. Drawing on his own fervent song-writing skills, electronic dance and ambient music, John Harle has matched Almond’s lyrics with dramatic, bitter-sweet songs full of emotion, driving rhythms and black humour.”