Delightful 3D work at The Capitol Horsham

What's on.
What's on.

A visit to the gallery at The Capitol in Horsham before November 11 will bring you up close and personal to the three-dimensional artwork of Warnham-based artist Lesley Taylor.

The exhibition will feature artwork from each series Lesley has produced, such as the super-sized Slip Sliding Away drip series,

“With titles such as Blissfully Ignorant, Rioja Shocka’ and Plonk…ahhh! there is sure to be something to make visitors to the exhibition smile,” Lesley said.

“I am really pleased to be exhibiting at The Capitol – and delighted that (general manager) Nick Mowat has invited me. I have seen a few art shows here, and it is a fantastic space to show off my work”.

Lesley’s Shades of Paris is inspired by the iconic 1932 photograph of workers eating lunch high on a girder during construction of the Rockerfeller Centre in New York.

It will be one of the largest pieces on display – one in a series that Lesley launched at her Open Studio this year.

Lesley said: “I absolutely love the original photograph, and it is great that so many people who have seen the series have loved my modern twist on it.”

Capitol general manager Nick Mowat said: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to host Lesley’s exhibition, particularly as her sculptures are unlike anything we have shown before at The Capitol. I am excited that we can provide an opportunity for local people to see the works of this talented local artist”.