We want Waitrose is campaign slogan

SOS - ‘Save our Storrington’ - campaign is making me mad!

We were asked a long time ago to vote as to whether or not we wanted a new Waitrose complex. The YES vote was overwhelming. FACT.

But as usual it is the minority who seem to be getting their letters and features in the press, they moan all day, every day against the wishes of the majority.

I’d like to start a new campaign, let’s call it WWW. (WE WANT WAITROSE).

Yes there will be a period of frustration once building commences, but the long term benefits will be worth it.

How many of our ‘locals’ go to the larger supermarkets in Pulborough, Horsham or Worthing?

And what do some of the ‘locals’ say when they’re in say Worthing or Horsham, ‘We’re here now so we might just as well pop along to (another shop) and pick up (that other item) we need’.

So come on you doubters, help out all of those other shops in Storrington who need your help and support WWW.

There are plenty of outlets in Storrington that sell a vast range of products not seen in Waitrose, they WILL benefit by keeping some of our locals away from the larger towns and of course Waitrose will attract customers that have never been to Storrington before.

SOS - stop moaning and groaning and let them get on with it, before we miss this golden opportunity!


Hormare Crescent, Storrington