Village’s right to preserve land

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I expect that many like me were delighted to read of the judgement by Mrs Justice Lang that said that a village’s right to preserve its landscape was more important than the Government’s renewable energy targets.

At last a common sense judgment that puts people’s rights before the dictates of a demagogue in Whitehall, or in our case Horsham District Council.

It is perhaps time to test in the courts the rights of HDC to impose unwanted development on local villages against the wishes of the residents.

In keeping with the council’s decision to use taxpayers’ money to fund the cost of specialist and expensive lawyers to push through its plans for Broadbridge Heath, it would only be fair and equitable for the same taxpayers’ money to be made available to local residents to fight the council’s plans.

Or, is it that there is one set of rules for the council and another set for everyone else?


Broomfield Drive, Billingshurst