Vibrant outlet is welcome

Current comments about Horsham Town Hall seem to be emotional and personal, so let’s look at some facts:

1. Horsham District Council has neglected the building. No, it has received normal care and maintenance since it became empty. It now needs a major refurbishment costing around £800,000 for future use.

2. It should be retained for community use. Who wants it? The only contender is Blue Flash Music Trust and its website infers this is actually one member acting by himself.

3. The town needs a community centre. There are plenty already.

North Horsham Parish Council alone can offer over 12 and there are many more including the Drill Hall, the Barn, church halls etc.

4. Grants are available. Yes, but that needs a charitable trust and no one has tried to form one.

Anyway, no grant would cover anywhere near the total cost required, so it would be have to be paid by residents at around £10 per household.

5. We do not need another restaurant. Try booking at short notice or coming on spec! You will not get a table.

So, Horsham, the attractive food capital of Sussex, is getting another vibrant outlet with a produce store as well and they are paying rent and costs at something like £2m. Sounds good to me.


(Con) Horsham district councillor for Holbrook West and North Horsham parish councillor, Haybarn Drive, Horsham