Spider alert

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I WRITE in response to your article featuring the Shipley resident who discovered that she was living with False Widow spiders.

As a result of the article, I have finally managed to identify the mystery spider that has been living in our utility room since early last year - the False Widow spider!

My husband and I have spent many evenings regularly observing this fascinating and beautiful spider over the past year. It has even raised a family!

We currently have two fully grown adults living happily above the back door, where they have always remained, undisturbed.

Sadly, having now realised what we have, we now need to make the difficult decision to safely remove the spiders, which have been a constant source of interest for some time.

We have young children, and although they have always been aware of the spiders’ residence in the utility room, we cannot take the risk of them entering the main house.

I showed my children (ages 11, seven and five) your article and my two youngest were so excited to learn about the spider that they will be taking a copy of the article with a picture to school!

I would like to thank you for publishing this piece, which has helped us to identify our own little critters.

It is interesting to discover that we are by no means the only West Sussex family who have come across them!


Andrews Road, Southwater