Southwater ‘has done its share’ for housing

HAVING lived in Southwater for 45 years, I would say that we have lived through, managed to slow down and temporarily stop some of the continual ongoing plans to enlarge Southwater.

We truly feel that Southwater has done its fair share towards the county’s housing needs and for ‘Progress’.

When we first arrived in 1966, the population of Southwater was approximately 2,000. Then it grew to about 4,000 and on to nearly 10,000 after the much-needed bypass was built and much-needed drainage improvement.

Since when the traffic passing our house by the Hen and Chicken is just as busy as before the bypass, this traffic being mainly from within the ‘village’.

The two business parks have been built and have blended in with the help of our fantastic country park and well grown screening on the dividing bunds, except of course for the oversized RSPCA buildings behind Southwater Street.

Then came the leisure centre and the new village centre, a lot of planning and a great success instead of the previous little row of shops.

We also have our long promised library and health centre. All this is now ENOUGH!

Southwater is big enough and well balanced and we are lucky enough to have a successful working farm in our midst.

We (young and old) love Great House Farm and its surrounding fields, where we are able to enjoy fantastic walks, appreciating the hedgerows, the changing seasons and the freedom of real countryside.

It is not a BROWN field site to be built on, it is GREEN, very green.

The Charmans have farmed there for nearly 200 years and should be allowed to continue, as they wish and as the village wishes them to.

To build all over Great House Farm, as would eventually happen, once ‘they’ start with 250 or 500 houses, would create a second Southwater in the form of another Bewbush or Broadfield, needing double the facilities and infrastructure that we have now.

Little controlled pockets of a few houses here and there would be much more preferable.

I dearly hope that councillor Nye will keep his word and listen and act on Southwater’s wishes.


Worthing Road, Southwater