Shock at A&E trip

HAVING recently moved into Horsham we were somewhat shocked to learn that our nearest A&E hospital is at Redhill.

How many of us have driven from Horsham to Redhill to see how long it would take for an accident or emergency patient to get there?

Judging from recent press comment it would seem that Redhill is, in any case, already at near breaking point. Has anybody asked our local GP surgeries if they will be able to cope with taking on thousands of new patients over the next few years brought about by the planned major housing developments.

Surely before these developments are allowed to proceed consideration has got to be given to catering for the hospital needs of existing, as well as the influx of new residents.

Let us hope that any new sports facilities being provided at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre will help to keep us all fit and whatever happens, be sure not to have an accident!


Comptons Brow Lane, Horsham